Earn Your Stripes!!!

I got inspired to write this due to the NBA Playoffs being on and seeing a lot of suspect fans out there reppin various teams, well more like doing the bandwagon thing and I just wanted to share my thoughts on the subject. 1st off half the people out there screaming for various teams aren’t real fans anyways and I want them to know why it makes true fans of not only these teams but these sports so upset and basically it’s because you haven’t put in any work with that team, no struggle, no nothing. The only time when you claim them is when they are winning or on top, but what about those lottery years in the NBA or those top 10 draft pick years in the NFL, or those NCAA years when they aren’t making the tourney or a bowl game? Yeah we know yall aren’t around for those, again just the good times like when the Lakers are winning the title or when the Heat get Lebron and Bosh to go with Wade and no suddenly everyone is a Heat fan…or now that the Steelers are good almost every year now you are a Steelers fan, man get all the way the fuck outta here with that. I had a few tweets this morning where I was telling people to earn their stripes with the teams they claim and until you do sit down and shut what they call the fuck up.

I have been a Knicks fan since 1989, a Titans fan since 1990 and a UNC Tarheels fan since about 2003…wasn’t that into collegiate ball prior to that and I became a fan of UNC’s football team 1st and that was mainly from playing NCAA football for the Playstation so don’t even come at me with that oh you just a fan cause of their basketball program because that wasn’t an instant thing. My uncle’s Jeff & Chris were my primary reasons for becoming a Knicks fan as one used to take me to games all the time when he worked for TBS and the other would watch any and every Knicks game that came on the MSG Network and something about the way they played and that tough nature always intrigued me. As far as the Titans I explained that in my blog before and on my YouTube vid located here ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gJqMmXJmhps&feature=channel_video_title ) and I just sort of explained the UNC love, also with UNC I haven’t even started really getting into it as far as trash talking and all that because it’s only been about 8 years and I don’t feel like I have fully earned my stripes yet so I take it light…I am a fan yes but I haven’t earned the same rights as some of the fans that have followed them their whole lives but after that 10 year fan mark yall can’t tell me shit!!!

So basically what I am saying is if you have no time invested in the teams you are running around shouting about then your suspect ass opinion is not going to be respected at least not by me and I am sure you are saying “So…I don’t need your respect” but trust me I am not the only one feeling that way about your corny ass. Be down for the team when they are a 2-14 NFL team not just a 14-2 team, be down for them when they have no one to call a star, no one to dick ride…when your NBA team has endured the type of struggle that my Knicks have over the past decade plus. Be down with your team when your football program isn’t nationally ranked like the 1st years of me being a fan of UNC or when the basketball team struggles like last year’s squad. Stand up and be a fan when people shit on your team on ESPN, TNT, Twitter, Facebook etc, stand up and claim your team and hold them down because no team stays down forever and you look quite stupid like many people I see that claimed one team one year and then another the next due to whatever reasons. For instance many people don’t hate the Lakers, Celtics, Cowboys, Steelers, Duke, etc because of the teams themselves (although some do) but it’s because of those suspect bitch ass fans that act like they been fans since they were conceived meanwhile they only been a fan since the last championship or whatever. And props to all the true fans I know out there, disease and death to all you suckas jumping ship every year and being bandwagon…….1


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