To The Mothers In My Life

1st off I have to start this by saying Happy Mothers Day to each and every mother out there…regardless of the capacity, from godmothers to stepmothers to even just legal guardians, you each play an important role in someone’s life and provide them with that maternal love which helps many in this world. I just really wanted to write this as a dedication to all of the special women in my life, all the mothers in and around me from my wife to my mother,  to just those I know from online interactions…just a little something to let them know that they are very much appreciated out here in the world. As a man growing up basically in a single parent household all I had growing up within my household was my mother and I swear she was the best thing I could have ever asked for. I always say to everyone that she sacrificed her life so that I could have mine…she gave up on numerous dreams, plans, etc just so that I could have the newest Transformers or Voltron lions, so that I could have a sub for the school trip, or be able to travel with my class to Washington DC when I was in 6th grade. She worked tireless amounts of OT and still managed to be there for me whenever I needed her. I was just talking to my wife the other day about some of my fondest memories with my mother and one that always comes to mind is the connection I make between Sade’s music and my mom because when I was young we used to live up on the 3rd floor of my Grandfather’s house and she would always play records on saturday nights while I was either playing with my toys or doing something, but she would always play some sort of jazz or Sade thus I always associate Sade’s music with my mother and those fantastic memories as a child. And before anyone asks no my mother is not gone, she is alive and well but I always think of her and today is such a great day for me because it’s my chance to just say, “Thank You Mommy”…thank you for all your hard work. And I also want to thank all of the women that helped provide that great motherly support as well when they were either babysitting or just around so thanks to my 2nd mother Carol, my Great-Grandmother (RIP), my Grandmother (RIP), my Aunt’s…Bev, Patsy, Aldith, Roxanne, Rita, Tonya, my mother’s friends…Shirley, Brenda, Cookie, Brenda Windham, Ruby, Val, etc, my other mothers Marge, Norma and Joann (Marsh),  my big cousins Shev & Tonia, my baby brother’s mother Stephanie, all my friends mothers growing up from Mrs. Woody & Mrs. Blackburn to the all the mothers on Garden Street back in Plainfield (Mrs. Billups, Lashley, Gray, McDaniel), Momma Williams (Kas’s mom), Mrs. Goodwin (Rob’s mom)…man I could just go on and on but I think you all get my drift and if I didn’t mention you personally in that just know you are appreciated/loved and I thank you.

Thank you also to another beautiful and great woman that has been instrumental over the past few years of my life and that is my Mother-In-Law, my MOM…Terry. She has been nothing short of the best since I have known her, she has been right there to help and support us (her daughter and I) as we have grown not only as a couple but as a family. She has been there every step of the way and continues to be, I swear I couldn’t ask for a better Mother-In-Law because I know a lot of people hate theirs but not me, she is fantastic and she raised the queen of my life to be the great and amazing woman that she is so I appreciate her for more reasons than I can begin to even name…thank you Mom

And that brings me to my queen, my baby, my reason….Lakiesha aka Key aka Trinity aka Mrs. Allen, I can’t even begin to formulate the words to thank her for all that she does, I mean since we moved to Atlanta alone she has been just amazing. I am on a different shift at work now which requires her to pretty much have to do any and everything around the house and she does it without complaint, without hesitation and I know it’s hard, BELIEVE ME I know it’s hard because I have been doing it the past 2 days while I let her relax and have the days off for Mothers Day and I am beat, exhausted would be an understatement at this point. But she does this everyday because she is a great mother, and without her this household would be missing it’s most important part…I can’t stress enough how much I appreciate all that she does for me and my children, she takes care of us all 24/7 and 365, most of the time without even realizing it because it’s just natural to her. She is the most caring individual I have ever met and I couldn’t have hand-picked a better woman to share my life with or mother my children. She also made many sacrifices for our family from childbirth to even having to let go of a lot of things she wanted to do and have, just so that we as a family can prosper, grow, and win. I watched her for 9 months go through hell, deal with me not being around a lot physically and emotionally because I was so wrapped up into work but she handled that 9 months and then went through labor to push out my 1st beautiful gift, my daughter Shania. She had to go through all of this for us, then she did it all over again 2 years later for my handsome little man, Quentin. I watched her deal with the pain of post childbirth, and she did it all for us…she has always shown nothing but strength and I not only appreciate her but respect her for all she does and has done for our family. So today like every year I gave her what I like to call the day off, where she doesn’t have to lift one finger to do anything, when she can be pampered and waited on, honored and appreciated for all she is…and you know what like she tells me thats all she needs, just to feel valued and believe me she is. I also need everyone to know and understand that I don’t just appreciate her and the rest of these great women just today but everyday in my own way, many of them will tell you that I will just randomly reach out and say, “I love you” or “Thank You” because it shouldn’t just be one day out of the year that we recognize those that sacrifice everything 365 days to make us who we are…I love you all and HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!!

Special Mothers Day love to all of the following ladies as well, you are all great mothers that I respect and am very proud to know, thank you for all that you do:

My beautiful sisters Jolanda & Jennifer, Danni, Tina, Val (Danni’s mom), Andrea, Tenita, Joann, Shanna, Narshay, Jordan, Keren, Anette, Brittany aka Bam, Dana Berry, Lysa, Tashia, Eboni, Lakia, Aunt Gina, Kish, Jeryka, Deish, Lisa Innaurato, Makela, Ty, Goodz, Tameka Davis, Heather…props also to all the mothers I know on Twitter, and anyone that I forgot blame the fatigue, shoot filling in for yall is harder than any man could ever imagine


3 thoughts on “To The Mothers In My Life

  1. Awwww! You got me crying! Thanks cuz! *and thanks for not forgetting me. You really didnt want that phone call! Lol* Love ya! Muah!


  2. This was a really heartfelt and appreciative post!!!! Its good to hear a man appreciate the women in his life. Being the mother role in someones life is so essential, as well as the people the mothers raise. Thanks for the shoutout!!!!!! Peace


  3. That was so touching… I really hope my husband and boys grow up and can appreciate and love me the way you love your mom and wife!! That was SO beautifullllll… *tear*
    (and thanks for recognizing me… you’re the bestest!!!!!)


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