My Pops

“Prayers will be answered, you just have to put in the call”

I guess I could have gone with some crazy title or something but why even do that when this gets right to the point of what I am going to be talking about and that is my father. I just needed to get some stuff out and yall know me, that’s exactly what I use my blogs for sometimes so here goes. Well anyone not familiar with the background needs to know that my relationship with my dad wasn’t always the best but it grew into a strong bond and relationship over the years. He has been in and out of jail for a majority of my life due to many bad decisions that he made when he was younger so it put a strain on us even building one. I spent many summers with him out in Newark, NJ (as well as Linden) and learned a number of things about life and more so the street, which he taught me about but always made sure I was never involved in it, even to the point where he had the homies in the neighborhood watching me to MAKE SURE I wasn’t out there doing nothing retarded. But again Pops had some things in him that he just couldn’t shake, his loyalty being one of them and thus when the proverbial shit hit the fan most recently, Pops took the charge and had to go back in again.

He was facing life and even at one point got it as a repeat offender/felon and I will be honest I thought I would never see my Pops on the outside again when I sat in the courtroom and the judge said he had a life sentence…but he never gave up, I never allowed him to give up (neither did anyone else in the family) throughout these last 9 years or so and Pops did what he has always done and that is fight. He never quit, he studied law and it’s practices so he would be better prepared for all of his court dates and hearings, even started taking paralegal classes while serving his time and he just recently completed the course he was doing (kudos to Pops for that). He knew deep down he would beat it somehow because in essence the only thing he did wrong this time around was keeping the wrong company and friends around him, something that he continually drilled into my head when I was a kid and young adult. So I fast forward to present day and the message I got last night from my Aunt Rita and my baby cousin Shanise telling me that they have finally moved my dad out of the prison and he is expected to serve at least another 2 months supervised and then will be back home with us, FOR GOOD!!!

My father has gained a lot in life, and lost so much more, one of the biggest things that he has lost is TIME, and I am going to make sure that I get some of that back for him in the form of a stronger family bond between all of those from his side of our family tree (from NJ to CA), all of his grandchildren, friends, and most importantly his children. I tell yall this stuff not to glorify anything or a particular lifestyle but it’s to let you know that I may not have learned how to shave my beard or throw a football from my father due to our personal set of circumstances but he has always shown me how to keep fighting, how to never give up and always believe, even when it doesn’t look like you can win you have to dig a little deeper and have faith…prayers will be answered you just have to put in the call. I have been dealing with this for some time now, been under tremendous amounts of stress with the uncertainty surrounding it and it’s just a relief to know that this struggle is nearing an end, that my father’s time will be served and his dues will be paid. My family is just as overjoyed as I am, and I know Pops is ecstatic as well…I can’t wait until he is finally released, gotta make plans to get up to Jersey to see him as soon as that happens, well Delaware cause that’s where he is. So again this was not to do anything but let you into my life for a second as I always do thus calling it “MYrealiTV” and many of you that already know me know I am an open book at times and like to show myself and my life as regular as possible, the good and the bad, the light and the dark.

Everytime I hear this song I think about my Pops…love you dad

“God will take you through hell just to get you to heaven……………make impossible possible, even when winning is illogical losing is still far from optional”


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