My Fathers Day Gifts

I just wanted to write something and express my gratitude not only for the honor of even being able to celebrate this day each year but to those that make/made it possible. I was inspired to write this after having a conversation with my wife about my gifts for today and basically I told her I don’t want nor expect any gifts…if I get something, cool I’m not gonna turn away a possible come up but seriously she has already given me, excuse me, blessed me with my 2 gifts…my son and my daughter. There is no greater gift in this world than the 2 of them, nothing can be purchased in a store that will ever compare to the joy I feel just knowing that I have these 2 beautiful children to look after for the rest of my days. If not for my wife I would have never been a father so of course I have to thank her for that, well her and our hormones on those particular nights but yall know what I mean lol She went through 9 months of labor, twice, just so that I could celebrate this day so she doesn’t ever have to purchase a gift for me on Fathers Day because I already have them…Nia and Q, Daddy loves you more than any words can ever express, and Key, thank you my queen.

(Click on pictures to enlarge)

And before I go I want to give a special shout out to all the men in my family as well as just in my life in general that helped to raise me and be stand in fathers for me during those times of my life when my father couldn’t be there. So to my Uncles…Chris, Eric, Jeff, Pook, William, & Bill…to all of my friends fathers from Mr. Blackburn, Woody, Williams, Roeback, Marsh…to my grandfather Pop-Pop…and to my father-in-law Willis, my stepfather Michael, and of course my father I thank you all because you each gave me a piece of something that has put me in a position to be a good father today to my children.

To everyone talking about men ain’t this or men ain’t that here are a few of the great men in and around my life that do right by theirs so don’t tell me they aren’t out there…Kas, Rob, Dre, Cam, Bryan, Nard, Kenyatta, Harold, Chuck, Trav, Mixx, Harrison, Melvin, Quentin H., Eugene, Steven, Ameen, Raheen aka Unc, Jermaine P., Taji, Troy, Raymond, Herman aka HD, Klutch, Mark aka Po, Ant, Jeanyis, Eddie, Alex, Alvin, Carlos, Arthur, Cecil, Colin, Dave, Delvon, Edgar, Glen, Uncle John, Martell, Tom R., Uttmore, X, and to anyone not mentioned have a great day as well and I salute/respect you all

Happy Fathers Day to all the real fathers out there



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