“40 Days Of Budden” DAY 1 (Revisited 1 Year After in 4 Days, 4 Blogs)

“why try to fit in when you are a standout”Joe Budden

DAY 1: What’s good yall hope everyone is doing well out there and gearing up for that 4th of July weekend which pretty much begins today, so in honor of that I wanted to revisit one of my favorite blog series from my old blog site (The Matrix Revealed) that being the “40 Days Of Budden” blogs, more so for those new peoples that I have gotten to know since coming back to Twitter & starting my new blog site. In this blog series I had decided after numerous talks and conversations with my friends and fellow Joe Budden fans to do a list of my top 40 favorite Joe Budden songs. Some ask why 40 of them but it was actually the beginning of my master plan to do a 40 Days of Budden and 40 Nights of  my other #1 fav (he will be revealed when the time is right so if you know me keep it under wraps, I wanna surprise the readers). Him and Budden are in a tie for that #1 spot, so stay tuned cause that will be coming soon to MYrealiTV just putting it together as we speak. But this one is all about my dude Joe, who with the help of a few good people that I know online & off, actually saw this blog series and from what I am told he enjoyed it and at the end of the day that was the highlight of the whole thing…to know that my favorite artist had a chance to see my appreciation for his music. If it got 200 million reads or just one, just to know he saw it was just ill to me so before I continue I want to thank my dudes Ice and L’z for throwing the word to the big homie, and Joe thanks again man. So on the 1 year anniversary of one of my best blog series…..Let’s get this shit moving with number 40 – 31 (just click the links & they will take you to the original posts on my old blog , each with an explanation of why I chose said song) and the 1st one of the series I will actually repost below then the other links will follow, enjoy

What’s good people, we are taking a break from our regularly scheduled blogging to shine the light on one of my all time favorite MC’s…Joe Budden, and in this new blog series titled “40 Days Of Budden” I will be highlighting & counting down 40 of my favorite Joe Budden songs. Initially it was going to be “30 Days Of Budden” but I honestly couldn’t just squeeze in 30 joints, the list actually had 50 plus originally so it was hell just trying to narrow it down so I figured this is a good way to kick the summer off for all my faithful readers as well as those loyal Budden fans such as myself.
Joe is a fantastic MC and people don’t really appreciate his genius so I am taking time out to show him and my fellow fans my own appreciation for his music and the time and energy he puts into making it. I have watched him actually make songs on JBTV.com as well as through his numerous live feeds so I have a deeper appreciation for what he does and this is just my way to show that love he shows to his fans right back. Joe Budden has always been (since he came onto the scene) and always will be in a direct tie for my all time favorite MC with (name removed temporarily until I finish the next 40 nights blog), many have questioned how I can put him above other great MC’s and I simply say “listen to his work”. You either love him or hate him, personally I got nothing but love and respect for the homie especially since he reps for my homestate of New Jersey (JERSEY STAND UP!!!) and his music helps in a lot of ways…when I was going through tough times I threw on a Joe track and it helped, when I am in a funk emotionally or have a lot on my mind I slip into what I call my “Anti” state (as my friends on Facebook know) and just zone out to his music, can’t say I can do that with many other MC’s. I also quote his music a lot and if you aren’t familiar with it a lot of the songs I will use in the countdown is where I got the inspiration for such quotes.
So Joe if you happen to catch wind of this big homie this blog series for the next 40 days is for you, I know you always have bloggers trying to tear you down but not over here, keep doing your thing because you have a loyal following and we will continue to support you. Good luck with the Shady deal, and big ups to the whole Slaughterhouse movement (props to Crook, Joell, and the big homie Royce). And I know I speak on behalf of many people and other fellow fans (such as my peoples L’z aka Larion, Skep, Shanda, Willis, Bryan, Wolf, Jam, Dill, Skeeno as well as my wife) when I say THANK YOU.

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