“40 Days Of Budden” DAY 2 (Revisited 1 Year After in 4 Days, 4 Blogs)

“every rock they throw I use as a stepping stone” – Joe Budden

DAY 2: Alright, Day 1 down and 3 more to go (much appreciated to those that viewed/shared) so let’s get into day 2 of the series with the next 10 (click the links to go to the posts about the songs):

#30 –  Ain’t Gotta Go Home

#29 – If I Die Tomorrow

#28 – Exxxes

#27 – Just To Be Different

#26 – Ground Breaking Newz

#25 – Under The Sun

(went with the actual post for this one cause that vid with Joe and the homie Killa BH was epic, shout to the nigga BH)


Okay this song was just bananas for numerous reasons but one reason why this one always stands out to me is because this was one of the 1st installments of Joe’s JoeBuddenTV website http://www.joebuddentv.com/ that I actually watched and you can see how this song was actually built and it gives a much deeper appreciation to his creativity. I also have to give it to the homie Killa BH (who is a very good friend of Joe’s) for a great beat selection, I will actually include the video I am speaking of, I mean the look that Budden gave when the beat finally dropped you just can see the wheels spinning and his mind racing (at about the 6:21 mark of the video below) because it was and is a dope beat. But this song is dope I mean I don’t know what else to say about it.
“sometimes you gotta stand by your failures to recognize your success”
this video was hilarious man, especially when Joe was like “oh wait a minute CAUGHT EM….OH MY GOD Dawson’s Creek…..holy snap what a fag!!!” yo I was in tears when Joe was airing BH out, this is a classic episode of JBTV especially because this is when you see behind the scenes of the creative process of one of hip hop’s BEST ARTISTS!!!
“yo who do I have to fuck around here to hear a beat”

#24 – Stand Up Nucca

#23 – In My Sleep

#22 – We Outta Here

#21 – Dear Diary

DISCLAIMER: I know everyone isn’t going to agree with some of the selections or positions but remember this is MY list, if you have different views that’s cool but all I ask is that my joints be respected…also I know he has dropped a lot of shit since I made this blog thus there would be many changes anyways so maybe I will add another day to it and highlight another 5 of his releases from over the past year


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