“40 Days Of Budden” DAY 3 (Revisited 1 Year After in 4 Days, 4 Blogs)

DAY 3: Alright so 2 days down just 2 more to go so let’s get right into it, here are numbers 20 through 11 (Just click on the links to go to the original posts):

#20 – Number 1

#19 – Who KilledHip Hop (Parts 1 – 3)

#18 – Forgive Me

#17 – Warfare

#16 – Focus (Featured Post For Day 3, Original Post Below)

This was the 1st song from Budden that I had heard, I was living in Atlanta and my boy Renard was playing that Def Jam fighting game and I saw this dude in a red hoodie named “Joe Budden” and I was like who is this cat, looked it up and found this song and I was like okay 1st off homie is from New Jerz so that’s a win since that’s the homestate so I gotta give him a chance and then I downloaded the track and was hooked. The beat is ill and lyrically Joe ripped and delivered perfectly with the flow of the song. This was the 1st taste of the greatness that we know of as JUMPOFF!!!!

“we pump diesel, I ain’t talking bout jeans and sneakers”

“jumpoff that nigga known to see me with at least 2 birds like Jack Tripper”

“I won’t see ya tomorrow how we going out to eat…I thought you ain’t swallow”

#15 – Thou Shall Not Fall

#14 – Unthinkable Freestyle

#13 – Sacred 

#12 – She Wanna Know

#11 – Fire

DISCLAIMER: I know everyone isn’t going to agree with some of the selections or positions but remember this is MY list, if you have different views that’s cool but all I ask is that my joints be respected…also I know he has dropped a lot of shit since I made this blog thus there would be many changes anyways so maybe I will add another day to it and highlight another 5 of his releases from over the past year


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