S7 Edge Underwater But…….

imageOkay don’t be alarmed at the “but” because it’s not as bad as you think but I do have to share some information after submerging mine for the first time today. So let’s get the obvious out the way, it works AS ADVERTISED when in water, takes pics (as seen below with my wife swimming underwater), video and even captures sound but once out of the water you will experience an issue with the speaker.
imageSo the issue is that the speaker will begin to sound low, garbled, and distorted but don’t panic and run to your service provider just yet as its temporary. The issue is that water seems to get caught in the speaker grill and it has to fully dry out and then the sound will return to normal so again don’t panic. Just wanted to share this with everyone so you don’t start bugging out when your phone sounds crazy after being in water. Side note though, the feature is very cool and it WOW’d everyone at the cookout even made my Dad say he was going to get one ASAP.


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