Am I Next? 


Why doesn’t my life matter to you
why is there no value placed on my existence
do you even care about my well being as you stop me
or am I safer & much better off in prison

am I to be the next victim on the news
the next one that they try to dig up dirt on
the next one they try to say had it coming
all because I reached for my ID wrong

will the media justify the actions
of the officer that decided to rule over my life
will they try to paint me as a thug or criminal
instead of a loving husband to my wife

will they try to make the masses believe I was a threat
that resisted so they saw no other resort than to split my wig
I wonder if all parties involved in the cover up
will be able to sleep at night knowing I leave behind 3 wonderful kids

2 daughters without a father and a son without
the continued guidance of his old man
will you squeeze on that trigger due to your own ignorance
or maybe just because of the darker skin tone on my hand

I doubt any of it will matter to them
because apparently black lives do not
dear officer I am just trying to make it home to my family everyday
but I question daily if I will be the next victim to be shot….


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