Do Better People

I just saw one of the worst things while I was driving home from work and it left me with the face pictured above. As I was sitting at a light someone pulled on my side to make a turn at the light and I could see in the car and there was a young girl in the passenger seat and she was holding a child that had to be no older than 4 or 5 and you know since the elder of the 2 wasn’t wearing a belt neither was the little girl and it infuriated me. If you wanna be a piece of rhinoceros shit cool, do your thing but you can’t be having the little ones out here like that. Wild safety issues as well as setting forth a horrible example & lesson for that child along with the other 2 kids that were in the backseat. It’s not my place to say this but I really wish some people never reproduced because they simply do not deserve the blessing that a child is due to their negligent activities and behaviors. Children are little toys, they have to be protected and guided until they can handle life on their own and even then you never stop protecting and guiding them. It hurts my heart to see things like what I saw this afternoon and things I’ve seen people do in regards to children. They need us to be responsible and look out for them not do knucklehead shit like this.
I am not perfect on all I do in regards to my children, I make a lot of mistakes just like EVERY parent but their safety is something I don’t take lightly. The irresponsible nature of this situation is disheartening and I ask that we do better to raise the generation that is going to in turn raise the next generation. Put your seat belt on, keep your kids in their car seats or in the back seats until they are of age. Follow those rules and guidelines because they are in place for a reason. Most importantly don’t play with your child’s life, their safety, their well-being, they deserve so much better than that….thanks for listening if you did, 1.


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