My Open Letters – “I’m Not A Perfect Parent & That’s Okay” 

I always question myself as a parent on if Im doing the “right” thing, if Im doing a good job, if I’m a good father & setting a good example. Parenting isn’t easy, great job, but in no ways is it easy. You try to do everything right but you can’t, I know I don’t but in all I do I try my best to give my kids the best of me, us (my wife and I) and get them prepared for the world. I never look at myself as this GREAT parent that does no wrong, I mean sometimes I could do this better or that better, but it’s a lot of learning we go as parents. My parents were the same way with me that’s why I NEVER fault them for anything the 3 of us experienced, the fights I had with each of them, the times when I didn’t understand etc I know NOW and have known since I got older that they were both young and learning as they went, they were raising me to be a man, a gentleman, productive member of society, keeping me out of jail and out of a casket. I say all this to say, we learn together as parents and children, you can read all the books in the world, get all the advice from the elders but the learning YOUR situation with YOUR children is key. So as a parent don’t expect perfection, you aren’t going to do everything correct, mistakes will be made but accepting this is the first step to normalizing your situation. Thanks for listening…..1


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