When I Fell In Love With Hip-Hop

Okay so there are 4 standout songs that I can look back on and say, these made me fall in love with hip-hop. Each for a different reason yet it shaped me even to this day in regards of the type of artists that I enjoy, respect, like, love etc. It’s not that I never liked it before any of these songs but these were ones that I just couldn’t get past off just one listen. These were joints that I had to rewind, records off the radio from Red Alert or others on Friday nights, catch the videos on Video Music Box or Yo MTV Raps. 

The 1st 2 are from the first rap/hip-hop album I ever owned and that was “He’s the DJ & I’m The Rapper” by the great DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince (more commonly known to you youngn’s as Will Smith). “Parents Just Don’t Understand” is the first one because it captured numerous things but creativity and story telling were the highlights to me. The way Will flowed through the upbeat track and told the stories was epic and very relatable and then the video to match, I mean come on. The next one from that album was “Nightmare On My Street” also great storytelling in a fictional sense based on the Nightmare On Elm Street movies which at the time for many of us kids was some scary shit. Will brought the comedic side to the horror story and really had me once again visually seeing it all. And it’s that storytelling and comedic aspect that makes me love other MC’s that do that to this day. 

The next song comes from Special Ed and it’s his classic joint “I Got It Made”. I’ll just say this, I knew ALL the words to this song in like a week, THATS how much I listened to it. It was so fly, I mean to hear someone just bragging like that I just wanted to be that, I wanted to be the flyest dude out. Of course I couldn’t cause I was too young but I knew fly dudes in my family starting right at the top with my father so I felt all the lyrics,not so much the material as much as the bravado and execution of it. The beat is so hip hop to its core too, really basic yet powerful and Ed was just spitting fire and I just revealed this on Twitter but as a young boy I believed every word of what he was saying he had lol. This is why my favorite MC is probably Hov and some of his favorite songs of mine are those bragging, bravado filled tracks like “Imaginary Player”. 

Last but certainly not least and I’ve said this time and time again, many of you already know which song really made me a hip hop fan. I was even actually lucky enough to have this artist not only see me speak of it and it’s impact on me but respond and tell me thank you for the acknowledgement but I had to keep thanking him for his greatness. This one is none other than Big Daddy Kane’s “Ain’t No Half Steppin” I mean I still TO THIS VERY DAY listen to it at least once a day and I still get goosebumps as soon as I hear “Mmmm mmmm mmmm Ahhhhhh yeah, I’m with this……..its 88, time to set it straight” man Kane just don’t know what this song means to me. I remember I used to bug my big cousin Charles to play it over and over again which he hated to do cause he had to keep rewinding the tape but he loved it too so he obliged lol. Flawless and impeccable delivery, flow, cadence, bravado, wit, I mean you name it, Kane displayed it and I’ll forever be grateful as a fan for that and I tell him every chance I get on Twitter, he probably getting sick of me by now. And again my favorite MC, Jay-Z, as well as my 2nd favorite MC, The Notorious BIG (through Mister Cee) come from that Kane tree so it explains a lot in why they are my favorites, with Kane pulling in my number 3 spot right next to Jay & BIG. 

So I just thought I’d share that with y’all and I’m curious to know, what song or moment did YOU fall in love with Hip-Hop? 


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