My Son, The Future Of My Past

9 years ago today, this picture happened and as we celebrate our son’s 9th birthday I have to reflect on what it meant to finally see his handsome little face that day. From the beginning my little man has been difficult from his long labor to just his stubborn ways but you just can’t help but to love him. He’s such a sweet kid with a big heart & very funny even though I won’t tell him because you know once kids know they are funny they gonna run with it. 

From the first moment I saw his little face I shed tears because it was such an honor to hold my son, I even eventually did the Lion King hold him up like Rafiki move. His birth gave me a totally different feeling than having my 1st daughter, it was one where I knew instantly that I HAVE to be the best version of myself that I can be, I have to provide a consistent example of a man for him because who he will become will mostly be based on him walking in my footsteps. I knew from that first moment that anything I did he was gonna watch, see, study and try to emulate. I knew I was going to have to learn a different level of strength & determination that he would also adopt in everything that he does. I knew that this was the little person that would carry on my family name when I’m gone so I have to be sure to teach him in the same ways those great men before me did for me, passing the wisdom & guidance down to him. Most importantly I knew I had a son, my own son, and I knew from the first moment I looked into his eyes that he was/is destined for great things. 

These 9 years of him being the gift to our lives has been wonderful and I am so proud to be his father, he gives me endless joy…although sometimes I just wanna clothesline him for some of the typical little boy stuff that he does lol So today on his 9th birthday I celebrate the happiness he has brought to our lives, the smiles he has provided and the inspiration for me as a man to always be a great man and teach him how to become the ultimate example of one through my own moves. I love you Q and I thank the heavens for blessing me with the honor of being your father…1

“He’s my legacy, son of my hard work” – Jay Z


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