Water Challenge (2 Week Update)  

Okay so it’s been a full 2 weeks, which I honestly didn’t even notice until I started typing this up, and I’ve honestly been doing pretty good and sticking to the challenge. Of course as I stated in the initial post I’m taking baby steps but doing okay. Currently I’m drinking at LEAST a half gallon of water everyday, including the weekend which is major for me because I thought that would be the hardest part but I’ve been on it. A few days here and there I’ve gotten to or close to a full gallon (only like twice) and it hasn’t been as bad as I thought. 

There are a few times where drinking is the easiest, naturally when I’m working out but I noticed that I really like to drink in the morning when I first get to work and then again for my drive home each day. Not sure why but that’s just how it is, I guess because I’m at my busiest when I first walk into the office and then when I’m off work and driving home my focus is on driving so it’s not like I’m drinking it as a chore, it’s more of a natural process and I think that’s key to me. If I have to feel like I’m forcing myself to do something eventually ill just stop so I have to always find way to incorporate certain things into my daily life and routine. 

I also figured out that I like spring water much more than purified/distilled water, not sure why but I just do. I don’t really care about all the intricacies just yet of water so it’s no need for anyone to beat me in the head about this one or that one, currently spring water is where I’m at because me and my body like it more at the present time. I haven’t noticed any differences JUST yet but it’s only been 2 weeks so I’m sure that will come in time. Well there is one thing, I pee a LOT and I mean A LOT. Like one day last week I was driving home from work and barely made it in the house to relieve myself, think I knocked one of my kids out the way with a stiff arm that would have made LaDainian Tomlinson proud. 

So that’s my 2 week update, I’ll continue to keep you posted on my progress but so far so good….✌ 


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