I’m Disappointed Yet Hopeful

Varying emotions today of disappointment in my gender as well as pride in it as in 3 different instances I had to be there for a few ladies that I care about. The ins and outs of why aren’t for public consumption but what is is my let down feeling of many of our young men and especially our older ones. Many men are failing AS MEN because they aren’t doing one of the most important jobs and that’s raising these young men to be respectful and treat women the proper ways. Everyone must do a better job to raise these young men with the right values and core principles in regards to the treatment of our women…they are not objects, possessions, beneath us etc we as fathers, uncles, mentors, friends, OG’s and such have to get these youngn’s in the right path. 
On the flip side of that throughout the course of my day I met 2 young men, high school students, and listen when I tell you for every bit of disappointment I feel towards many, guys like these 2 do nothing but reassure me that all is not lost. One of them reminded me of myself and the other showed me in just one initial interaction how together I WISH I was at that age. Sturdy handshakes by them both, eye contact, respect, and most importantly the concern they show towards women was fantastic. See I look at little things, I watch people VERY closely and these 2 have been shown the right way. Having 2 daughters, sisters, a niece, great-niece, cousins, my friend’s daughters and all that I get so scared for them all and what they will have to deal with and I pray to the sky that they find guys like the last 2 that I spoke about, guys like my best friends, baby brothers, many of the stand up guys I was raised with. All in all let’s do better to make more men like the last 2 and not the weak types from the earlier portion, thanks for listening and thanks to the many of you that are raising these young boys right.


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