Be Friends…? 

So a question was posed yesterday and it asked if as a heterosexual man would I have a problem with having a homosexual friend also if I found out a friend was homosexual would it change our friendship? 

Well let me start this with a resounding, NO…to both questions. Someone’s sexuality or preference will never have an effect on my friendship with said individual. What they do or choose to do in their bedroom is their business and doesn’t dictate who that person is to me. I look at people in a very simplistic view, either you are a good person or a bad one. Of course there is race and things of the sort to consider but I generally use that as my determining factor for my friends and whom I allow in my circle. 

Next if I had a friend come out the closet to me I would NEVER stop being their friend, not even a little, shoot it actually happened a few years back and at no point did I ever think “well he can’t be my peoples anymore”. If anything I was extremely proud of my boy and I continue to be. I was proud in the fact that he accepted who he is and decided it was time for the world to know because I’m sure for him and many it’s an extreme burden to live with. To be worried about how those close to you will feel, how you may be treated etc but from me it was and will NEVER be am issue, he’s one of many folks that I consider a great friend and value his as that. I also had a close family member do the same a long time ago and she was scared to tell me for fear of my judgement etc and I didn’t give a damn because all I care about for those I care about and love is their personal happiness and if that’s where it lies then they always have my undying support.

I don’t change on those I love and care for, those that I let into my circle stay there for life unless THEY themselves decide not to be. Nothing will ever change in any relationship/friendship I have with anyone due to their personal sexual choices nor will I not be friends with someone because of it. This world is full of beautiful individuals and I am not going to limit myself from knowing such great souls just because they may do things a little different than I might. 



New Snack Alert (Swedish Fish Jellybeans) 

Wife copped some new snack heat, you know since she is the Snack Queen (and I the King) of finding new snack talent and I want to share it with the streets. Today’s joints are these Swedish Fish jellybeans which she copped on post Easter clearance because well…genius. And when I share these things they may not be new to y’all but they are to me or us so we just letting the world know. Haven’t tried em yet but just letting you know it’s a thing….1

(The Jolly Rancher bunnies aren’t new but they jumped in the picture, no pun intended) 

UPDATE: I have just tried the Swedish Fish jellybeans, not bad, taste just like the fish just in jellybean form, definitely worth a try if you like the regular candy. 

Stop & Smell Your Roses

So I was outside this morning because I had to do a little detail work on the inside of the car so I was in the process of getting ready to pull my car into the garage and then I spotted my neighbor, who is also my lawn guy,  across the street and I had to run over and pay him for landscaping the yard yesterday. Then that chance encounter turned into us talking about him cooking this 11 pound slab of pork for one of our other neighbors down the block. Let me say this piece of meat looked amazing and he will be smoking it all day and probably inspired me to pull my grill out later lol. We talked about his kids getting ready to graduate (1 in college and 1 in high school) and then one of our other neighbors was driving by, seen us inside chopping it up and he stopped to join in. Convo was great, lasted about a good half hour to 45 mins and then we broke out. 

I proceeded to go into the garage and detail the inside of the car all while waving as other people from the our neighborhood jogged or drove by. Then my wife and 2 daughters were heading out to shop so they came to the garage at varying moments before they left to see what I was doing and then they broke out. 

After all that my son and I went in the backyard because I needed to clean the vacuum cleaner parts which I do with my power washer and then that turned into me power washing the back of the house (not the whole thing just a few spots, I’ll do the whole thing when I get more cleaning solution for the washer) and me showing him how to do it, what I was doing etc.

While doing this my next door neighbor came by and he and I chopped it up for about 20 minutes or so about vacations, taco nights, his cholesterol and racing (which he does) and then he went to cut his grass and my son and I came back in the house to chill, well now we are about to hit a nice little workout. 

Okay so I’m sure you are asking well where this is all going, well it was that in each of these moments I found varying levels of joy. The main thing and the biggest part of that joy though is in me having my own home. Now while we are just renting until we find EXACTLY what we want, this is still for the time being, OUR HOME, and that means so very much to me. My son and I were talking last night and I was speaking to him about growing up in New Jersey and never actually living in a home of my own. Sure I lived with my grandfather for a bit as a kid, lived with my Uncle Pook & Aunt Aldith for a little while, even with my Uncle William for a brief spell in my early 20’s but never my OWN house and now I have that. 

As I type this I’m sitting in my backyard, listening to the sounds of birds, hearing people cutting their grass, looking up into the blue sky and seeing planes go by and it just brings an extreme level of joy to my soul because I’ve ALWAYS wanted this, always wanted this life, this moment. I used to be so envious of kids that had homes and not apartments, that had yards to play in and not have to always go to the park or someone else’s house to play because all you had was a parking lot or busy Plainfield street. I used to have dreams of what it would be like to wake up and just walk in my backyard and play with my GI Joes and Transformers and now I don’t have to dream anymore, even though I don’t have my toys any longer lol

 To be able to talk to my neighbors on a Saturday morning, to have a garage to detail my car in, to be in my backyard with my lil man and showing him some stuff, this is more than I could have ever imagined or asked for. I’m so very thankful to have every bit of what I have and this is me just taking the time out to reflect and show that appreciation. A lot of times in life we worry about all those things we DON’T have, or CAN’T get and we don’t just stop for a second and smell the roses that are planted right in front of us, well this is my moment to stop and smell my roses…thanks for listening, 1