Be Friends…? 

So a question was posed yesterday and it asked if as a heterosexual man would I have a problem with having a homosexual friend also if I found out a friend was homosexual would it change our friendship? 

Well let me start this with a resounding, NO…to both questions. Someone’s sexuality or preference will never have an effect on my friendship with said individual. What they do or choose to do in their bedroom is their business and doesn’t dictate who that person is to me. I look at people in a very simplistic view, either you are a good person or a bad one. Of course there is race and things of the sort to consider but I generally use that as my determining factor for my friends and whom I allow in my circle. 

Next if I had a friend come out the closet to me I would NEVER stop being their friend, not even a little, shoot it actually happened a few years back and at no point did I ever think “well he can’t be my peoples anymore”. If anything I was extremely proud of my boy and I continue to be. I was proud in the fact that he accepted who he is and decided it was time for the world to know because I’m sure for him and many it’s an extreme burden to live with. To be worried about how those close to you will feel, how you may be treated etc but from me it was and will NEVER be am issue, he’s one of many folks that I consider a great friend and value his as that. I also had a close family member do the same a long time ago and she was scared to tell me for fear of my judgement etc and I didn’t give a damn because all I care about for those I care about and love is their personal happiness and if that’s where it lies then they always have my undying support.

I don’t change on those I love and care for, those that I let into my circle stay there for life unless THEY themselves decide not to be. Nothing will ever change in any relationship/friendship I have with anyone due to their personal sexual choices nor will I not be friends with someone because of it. This world is full of beautiful individuals and I am not going to limit myself from knowing such great souls just because they may do things a little different than I might. 



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