Be There

So earlier I shared a post on Facebook that spoke about being there for people (see below):

“No matter what, you do what you have to do for family/friends…..well that’s just how I try to always live my life. You may not be able to do everything you want or can, may not be able to assist in every situation, but you try and you always build the foundation for those that you love to know you will always be there to support them in times of need. Those are the principles I was raised by on both sides of my family and I plan on carrying that until the day I die and passing it down to my children, niece, nephews, godsons etc”

The post was sparked from something I read someone mention on Facebook about their friends/family and how they can’t stand them etc. I’m sure we have all seen these posts a time or two before. Now I don’t know each situation so I’m not passing judgement, you could have valid reasons for how you feel about your’s but my post was just to speak on how I have always been, have been raised to be and will always be.

I will always do my very best to be there for people, sometimes that may not fit within THEIR criteria or time frames but it’s important for me to always get established with people that I am there and always do my best to be. Many people feel alone cause they expect folks to be there on their time only but we all have to realize that even the one that you seek help from has times they are already committed to and they may not be there in THAT particular moment of need but in most cases when they can they will be. So be there for those in need and always be understanding of someone else’s situation as well….✌🏽


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