Bus Chronicles Vol. 1

Okay so since I’m riding the bus and I’m sure to either see or be a part of some stuff during my daily commutes I figured I’d chronicle some of the things I see.

Well today’s isn’t something funny or anything like that, just wanted to speak on something I noticed. Since I’m downtown Atlanta everyday now I get to see a lot of folks walking and I’m peeping that many men don’t realize the side of the sidewalk that they should be walking on when walking with a woman. For anyone not in the know, as a man…you should always walk on the outside or closest to the street. Might not be a major thing to some but it irritates me everytime I see it and I’ve seen it a lot over the past 2 weeks and that’s sad. It’s not just about the men not knowing but women seem to not know neither, either that or they just don’t care that much. So for today’s chronicle I just want to say be stronger in your role as a gentleman and ladies expect nothing less than that…✌🏽


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