My Story: April 21, 2018

Okay so we made it to day 2 and I’m still here, haven’t croaked yet, so I guess you’re stuck with another day’s worth of material.

So today was a Saturday and those are pretty chill days when we are all around the house and today was no exception. Nothing too exciting to report, we had company today so that was dope and we enjoyed some pizza while watching “Thor Ragnarok” for family movie night. Had to watch it and get our oldest up to speed before next week when we go see Infinity War”. She really enjoyed the movie and we are all excited about next weekend. Family movie night is so special to me and I hope that it’s leaving a lasting impression on the kids because I want them to always have good memories of us together, doing things and just having our quality time.

Other than that I just have been engulfed in this new “God Of War” game, which I’m loving. I really like the new take on it and Sony did an excellent job in all aspects of the game ESPECIALLY the difficulty because WHEW have I died a lot. I mean there have been a few parts (like one I’m at now) where I have spent a good hour or so trying to just beat about 4 enemies on screen. I’m still developing my tactics and I’m getting there but until I do the CPU is wearing me out, but it’s so enjoyable because I hate games where I can just hack, slash and button mash my way through…which is probably why I really loved the new Assassin’s Creed Origins game and Zelda for the Nintendo Switch. “God Of War” is a great game and thus far I have zero complaints, you should all go pick it up, fans of the series or not.

In closing I’ll probably be up for awhile playing this but I am a tad tired as I didn’t get the chance to nap because you know…kids and I still gotta catch up on all the NBA scores.


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