My Story: Day 1

Decided to start doing something a little different with this blog, going to start to chronicle my life on a day to day basis or at least when I can. The purpose of this is to leave behind somewhat of a capsule or history for my children as well as just show the world, well those that care at least, the life of a regular everyday man as he deals with family life and life in general. This also will kind of put a lens on thing for my loved ones that we don’t get to speak with all the time, this way they can know what’s going on with us too.

I don’t have a lot of memories from my childhood aside from those in my head or stories from elder family members so I was thinking I don’t want that for my kids. We have tons of videos and pictures for them to see as they age but I wanted something a little more person, a look into life from their father’s eyes on daily basis. I plan on doing these from today until that very last day om here so hopefully I can do this and keep it up, we shall see.

These posts will be extremely random, so it’s no telling where I will be mentally on all of them and I will do my best to keep them short and sweet cause I know we live in a fast paced society and no one wants to do a bunch of reading. I’ll be writing about what I either have on my mind, what I experienced, if I have an interesting story to tell about either my day or just something I’ve gone through in the past, just anything really. So here goes…

Nothing major to report today, pretty standard day in our home. I worked from home today and got the new “God of War” game for the PS4 (which I am playing right this moment). J. Cole dropped a new album called “KOD” which is very good in my personal opinion, much better than the last one which I wasn’t feeling too tough aside from like 3 joints. Oh my son had a dance or something at school and it sounds like he had a good time. Didn’t really speak with him when he got back home with his mother cause I had dozed off and then when I got up I think he passed out.

My wife took him to the dance and she said he had a good time, oh and she was looking type great in her dress as well! She took him to get some flowers before they went cause his girlfriend was there, yeah he has a girlfriend in 5th grade. We had a dope moment before he left to go when he came in the living room to have me check his fit to see if it was up to par and to be honest it was, well his 1st attempt had a wrinkled shirt so I told him to change that but he came back with the right joint and was looking kind of smooth. Then I got the “Sportin Waves” (black can joint) and my soft bristle brush and got his waves right and it just felt good to do and that moment was the absolute highlight of my day. Always love those moments with my lil man.

But alright I’ve said enough, this one was long but mainly cause I went into the whole spill about what I’m gonna be doing with these, so let me get back to this God of War…✌🏾

UPDATE: The kitchen looked a mess and I figured I was just going to have to yell about it in the morning since it is already midnight but my oldest just left the kitchen and she cleaned it up without me telling her to. Maybe they actually do listen…im buying her some candy or something tomorrow.


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