My Story: April 23, 2018

(Late post, should have been up before I went to bed last night)

What’s good, sorry no story yesterday but God Of War kind of took over my entire evening and my focus was off and then for the bus ride this morning I slept all the way through that. So I’m back today with the next installment of my daily memoirs.

Day has been pretty good, kind of a rainy, gloomy day in Atlanta which I love personally. I’ve always been a fan of dreary, rainy days I think because they give me good memories. I know that sounds kind of wild cause most people associate times like this with sadness but not me. I always think about being a kid when me and Momma Neo lived with my grandfather in the attic. It would rain and Mommy would pull out the albums like Sade or some smooth jazz. So in my mind on these days those great moments are where my mind escapes to. We would just be chilling, either me playing with my toys and my mom doing her hair or something or we might be putting a puzzle together, things like that.

Good day at the office today, knocked a lot of work out and listened to the most recent podcast from Joe Budden along with his new “Pull Up” series, which was pretty good. If you are wondering what it is just imagine barbershop talk at a dining room table…gave me a little headache cause Casanova is wild loud lol but that’s the homie so its all peace. Now I’m on the bus on my way to the best part of my day…seeing my wife and kids.

Ended the day with more God of War (yeah this game is addicting) and consistent knocks on our bedroom door courtesy of the kids but hey that comes with being a parent. I swear every 5 minutes it’s a different child knocking at the door for something and their timing is impeccable sometimes cause it’s like as soon as the wife and I start getting cozy or kissing here comes a child especially babygirl, her timing is immaculate. Gotta love it…✌🏾


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