My Story: April 24, 2018

Hello world,

Well I woke up extremely exhausted this morning and before anyone asks, yes…thats why lol Aside from that though, I have my Uncle Jeff on my mind heavy due to speaking to my cousin last night and her telling me that my niece loves “Yabadabadoo” by Chubb Rock (a very slept on MC, surprised he isn’t mentioned more). It’s not sad but it makes me feel good to know that Jeff is still leaving an impression on all of our kids cause there are a few songs I know my kids like that he loved as well. So I’m gonna get this day started with Chubb Rock’s video (below) and then flow into some classic hip hop that I know Jeff loved like Eric B. And Rakim to Heavy D.

I’ve had to go dark on social media until this coming Saturday because I don’t want any spoilers messing “Avengers: Infinity War” up for me. So things may pop up from me but I’m not on the Twitter TL or the main FB wall, just going to check my @’s etc but that’s it and I muted everything Infinity War so nothing pops up because damn all that. I know people get a sick twisted joy out of spoiling movies for others so I’m just avoiding all that for the next 4 days. But I can’t wait to see this movie, I don’t think folks realize how truly excited I am, the stand alones are fantastic but the collective Avengers movies I just love to death.

2:58 PM – Just had hilarious moment at work. So I walk into the bathroom and as soon as I opened the door a wicked stench slapped the hairs out my nostrils and I immediately made the “what in the ENTIRE f@*#!” face, not realizing that the culprit was still in there and getting ready to walk out as my. He looks at me with the illest embarrassed look on his face because he could see the disgust on my face and as he was walking to the sink to wash his hands I said “yo my man, you put in WORK…I was coming in here to do the same thing but imma just mosey on outta here and go down to the 20th floor to get mine off cause you got this on lock” and he started cracking up LMAOOOOO

10:00 PM – Well the kids are all in bed well almost, Nia is still in our room lurking about and talking to her Mom. Had a rough closing to the night because the kids sort of half ass clean up sometimes and it’s infuriating. There is a specific way I like and want things clean when they do their chores and they tend to do JUST enough and that’s not good enough for me. Just as I always do I broke down how I wanted it done and why. See I do my best to explain to my kids why I require certain things, now this doesn’t apply with everything because many things it’s just hey what did I say, but in a situation like this I want them to know.

The main reason why I want things done this way is because it’s important that they develop good habits with everything they do and cleanliness is vital in many aspects. If they keep their rooms clean, their bookbags clean, etc it will create an aura of organization that’s extremely important moving forward in life. “When you can see clearly you can find all you seek”…heard that somewhere before and that’s my mentality to it. You see the inside of my car, my office space at work and things like that it’s very organized, no not OCD organized, but neatly pieced together whereas you go in their room it’s clutter and stuff and u hate clutter. But aside from my clutter hate they can’t ever find anything and are always losing stuff and we tell them it’s because you don’t clean up right and you don’t clean up properly after yourselves. So when you are playing your Xbox, put the games back in the case when you change them out…keep stuff in the same general location then you always know where to go and look, but if you have it scattered everywhere then you’re gonna lose a lot of stuff. So that was my day, the kids will get it, we just have to stay consistent with them…goodnight all ✌🏾


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