My Story: April 26, 2018 (I Almost Ended Up In The ER)

Today was a VERY interesting day to say the least. Went from a hectic yet productive day at work to almost having to go to the emergency room.

Okay so this morning as my wife is taking me to the bus stop I got this crazy pain in my lower back and just chalked it up to gas and nothing a well placed burp or fart couldn’t fix and it did. Burped a few times and I was back to normal but still decided to drive in to work JUST in case something was right cause you don’t want to be on the bus with stomach issues.

So then I get to work and I am covering for someone and I end up covering indirectly for a few others, not complaining because I never mind it was just a lot to do but I got everything done. One thing I had was a meeting with the big wigs I had to attend but I didn’t really want to so I get to the meeting and then one of the bosses comes in and tells me that she knows I probably have a ton of other stuff to do so I didn’t have to stay. She was absolutely right too because I did have a lot to take care of from a new employee on staff I was assisting to helping with the other analyst so again I was wild busy. And I am not really into meetings especially when I know my time could be being utilized in another capacity, so that all worked out for everyone cause their meeting still went on perfectly fine and I was able to help everyone else out that needed assistance.

BUT THEN….oh but then, that pain from early in the morning returned right as I was getting ready to leave work and it created one of the WORST afternoon/evenings of my entire life. I was in excruciating pain once I left the office and was on my way home, pain that was so bad I actually screamed I the car a few times. Was this a gas bubble or maybe it was my appendix, I had no clue but I texted my wife that “something is wrong” because I know my body and I know I wasn’t right. It reminded me of when I have had a stomach virus before and if you’ve never had on consider yourself blessed because, DAMN.

So driving home I had to stop at Wendy’s cause I was in so I figured alright maybe I just need to drop this duece and I’ll be back right again but in the words of the great Charlie Murphy…”Wrong, wrong”. So I stop to use the bathroom and nothing happens, no deposit, so back to whip I go to continue my trek home. I stop again a little further into the drive in a parking lot where I get out the car to walk around and stand up because I was so uncomfortable, contemplate laying down in the back seat…just anything to take the discomfort away, even passed an Urgent Care and considered going in but I just kept telling myself “I just want to get home to my babies, I just want to get home to my wife” so back on the road I go.

Now I’m getting closer to home and I almost throw up in the car, but nothing comes up just that gagging feeling and the mouth watering all that nonsense. I am sweating, shaking as if my nerves were bad, I could barely pick up my water bottle, I’m in the car taking the quickest of breathes because I can’t inhale/exhale properly due to the pressure. And after a bit more screaming out “WHAT IS GOING ON!”…”PLEASE MAKE THIS PAIN STOP!”….”I CAN’T MISS INFINITY WAR ON SATURDAY” I arrived at home and in worst shape that I had been in previously. I walk in and immediately go to my bedroom where the wife was and lay down on the floor, my oldest tries to come in to see me and tell me how her day was which the kids do everyday but my wife saw me in visible pain so she told them to give me a minute but I know my daughter had saw me and she was going to be worried because she is THAT kid.

So I’m laying there still in pain and describing everything to my wife and she’s looking up stuff and was also worried about appendicitis but my symptoms didn’t match fully and did fit more into just a gas bubble. But what was causing it, well I deducted that it was caused by sunflower seeds, yeah I know crazy right, I’m about to die cause of sunflower seeds lol but I had been eating them again recently and I had some the past 2 days, more importantly I had some earlier today and then what do you know, PAIN. And even though it’s not the best thing, I eat the shell so I think it was just a log jam on seed shells and was causing gas bubbles, not bubble, to form and it was all stuck in my intestine somewhere.

So back to the pain, it was bad, like REALLY bad, I told the wife I was sorry for all of the noise etc and I hope she didn’t think I was a sucka but ya boy was in pain pain. I had her walk on my back on the spot where it was hurting which helped, then she also was karate chopping my back like a messeause and it was helping but the pain kept coming back. She made me ginger tea, gave me gas-x pills, ibuprofen, everything she could to help get me right but it just kept coming back and the only relief I would have is laying face down on the floor. This went on for about an hour or so and then she said if you aren’t any better in an hour we are going to Urgent Care. She starts getting the kids and our devices charged, told them to stay ready in case we had to dip but thank the heavens it didn’t come to that.

I drink my ginger tea which was nasty as hell by the way, told her it tastes like cobwebs, not that I know what they taste like but still, and my. Ginger Ale because again thats the remedy for any stomach ails. Then I go lay down and it all subsides just enough that I could doze off and then when I woke up a bit later I was better and been fine since. So now sunflower seeds, well me eating the entire shell is off the table, can’t do it anymore, not if THAT’S a possible result. I got better and 1st thing I did was go see the kids in their rooms, my son was cool he wasn’t too pressed, babygirl was watching Doc McStuffins so not a damn was given anyways but my sweety, my big baby was worried she said, she even had a light tear in her eye when she was telling me how worried she was cause she never saw me like that. That’s what scared her the most that I’m normally calm and chill, deal with things in a mild mannered tone but not this. I assured her I was good and then I went in the kitchen and gave my wife the biggest hug because she really got me back right, not just from what she did but from her presence. I can’t thank her enough because I know she was worried as hell but she stayed calm and collected, well other than when she was hysterically laughing at me. She busted out laughing because she recommended I do jumping jacks to help the gas move and I tried and as I went to do the ONE jack I did my body was like “Bro what in the hell are you doing, sit yo dumb ass down” (Angry Man from Martin voice) and she thought it was the funniest thing cause my bones were cracking and I barely did the one 😂.

She is so scared to step on my back if I need her to crack it or something but she did it to help me with no hesitation. Everytime I needed something or asked for something she jumped right up to help me just as I would do for her. But again it wasn’t even just that, it was just that she was there. When I was driving home I said I just want to get home to her, I said that because I knew seeing her, getting her energy would get me right because that’s what love is. It’s not about waiting on someone, it’s not about what they can always do for you, at times it’s just about them being there and she was and I knew it. I knew once I saw her my body would react better, it would fight better, she is my strength. I don’t just say that to be cliche when I say that or when I’ve said it in the past I mean it. So this story started off wild but it’s ending about love because it’s the best medicine there is. I know this one was a little long but I HAD to tell you all about my day and thank my queen, thank my kids and also thank my boss for getting me out of a meeting lol….✌🏾

PS – don’t even try to clown me for the pain I was in either because gas trapped in your body can be a very painful thing. So before everyone starts calling me a punk or something to that effect just know I didn’t know WHAT it was, it could have been that my appendix ruptured and that could be fatal, so I was shook lol but gas bubbles in the wrong spots can be lethal dammit lol


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