My Story: April 27, 2018 (Date With My Ladies)

Big day today, it’s the day of the official worldwide release of Marvel’s “Avengers: Infinity War” and don’t worry there are no spoilers here…not going to see it until 1st thing tomorrow morning and I can’t wait. Going to see it with the wife and our oldest and I can’t wait. She has gotten into the Marvel movies just like us so we decided to bring her along for the ride. Our son ain’t that big on it YET but eventually we will get him on board.

But today has been a pretty good day, worked from home today and that was pretty productive which is surprising because I swore when I was told I’d be able to work from home that I wouldn’t get anything done but I actually work very diligently…while watching my court shows or Joe Budden’s Podcast of course lol

Best part of the day just happened though because I took 2 of my ladies, wife and oldest, out on a dinner date. Since she is going to the movies with us in the morning she is home with us tonight so I figured hey this is another great opportunity to show her some life lessons. I took her out to the movies on a date with just the 2 of us a few weeks ago to see “A Quiet Place” (great movie by the way) and I used that as a way to show her how a man should treat a woman on a date and did the same tonight.

I figured tonight she could see it in action and how I am with her mother from opening car & restaurant doors, how to order and how the man is supposed to let the woman (or women at the table) order 1st and even the waiter gave her a tip on that. Waiter told Nia “if a man doesn’t let you order your food first then when you do order get the most expensive thing on the menu” and we loved that advice lol But it was important for me for her to see us in a dating element and pick up on little things on what should be expected and how she should be treated. Life lessons with your kids require more than just scolding them or telling them or preaching to them over and over again, sometimes you have to put them into the scenarios so they can witness for themselves.

Be back tomorrow with my thoughts on Infinity War, yall have a good one….✌🏾


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