Dear Mommy, IOU

Dear Mommy,

I owe it to you to be a good man, to be better than any man that has come before me, to be better than any man that has loved you. It’s always been my job to make you proud and to be a great example as a man so that you could hang you hat on the fact that you were a single mother that was able to raise a man that made the right decision. You raised a man that knew without you even saying what was right and wrong in regards to how I treat the women not only that I was with but all the women in and around my life.

The other day when I was hugging some of my favorite women in my life (Key, Jade, Traci and Aunt Roxanne) I began to think “why is it that whenever I see the females in my family, from my sisters to my cousins, they just hug me and bury themselves in my arms” and I guess it’s because of what I am and have always been to them…an example of what a man should be and could be. A beacon of love, comfort, security and warmth and I am sure Key and the girls feel the same way about me and I owe that all to you. I’d like for all women to be able to feel that same comfort from the men in and around their lives, not the opposite, not fear but safety.

I owe it to you because I watched you deal with a lot of things through life and I always said “I won’t do that, I’m never going to make a woman feel that type of emotion”. I owe you because you motivated me to always be good, you held me to a standard without even having to preach it or say it.

I have been doing it moderately but I am going to start using my voice more to campaign for women, to aid in building better treatment and understanding between men and women. It’s going to be a long road and I see I have a lot of work to do but I owe it to you for all you represent to me as a woman. Whenever I see mistreatment of women, whenever I see women scared, hurt etc. I visualize you in the situations and I get infuriated, sad, disgusted and many other things because I would never want you or any women that I love to have to endure such despicable things. So Mommy I owe you, I owe it to you to do more, to be better and I will be.

Who I am today, who I will be tomorrow and who I will be moving forward as I attempt to try to help adjust the mindsets of many of these men, as I try to teach the next generation of men on how women should be treated, is the direct result of you and I promise….I won’t disappoint you Mommy.


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