All-Pro Sliders For #Madden19 (Last Updated 9/22/18)

Last Updated: 9/22/18

As much as I didn’t want to do it, a major update was needed for my All-Pro sliders due to the patch from the other day. The patch did some great things for the game but it made some things overpowered when married to my sliders and the ways that they were set up.

I’ve been tweaking these around the clock damn near because I wanted to be sure, as I always do, to get the best sliders I can possibly provide out to everyone as quickly as possible. The sliders should present a good, realistic challenge as the CPU is no slouch and if you take it lightly an L may be in your near future. Do a bunch of dumb things…expect a not so favorable result.

Sliders can be found on PSN under NeoThaOne and Xbox or PC users can get the slider I formation below to input into your games.

NOTE: For the best results, the game options & player sliders (Injuries, Fatigue, Player Speed Parity) need to be input how I have it below. You can tweak the sliders a bit here and there but the speed parity, fatigues etc does affect the overall effectiveness of the sliders and has been balanced to work in unison.

Game Options

Skill Level = All-Pro

Game Style = Simulation

Quarter Length = 9 to 11 Minutes

Accelerated Clock = Preferably Off but if left On, set to 25 seconds

Game Speed = Normal or Fast

Player Sliders

Injuries = 18

Fatigue = 55

Player Speed Parity Scale = 64

Player Skill

QB Accuracy = 43

Pass Blocking = 31

WR Catching = 44

Run Blocking = 57

Fumbles = 48

Reaction Time = 25

Interceptions = 38

Pass Coverage = 44

Tackling = 37

CPU Skill

QB Accuracy = 49

Pass Blocking = 65

WR Catching = 45

Run Blocking = 56

Fumbles = 46

Reaction Time = 20

Interceptions = 42

Pass Coverage = 39

Tackling = 42

Special Teams (Player & CPU)

FG Power = 52

FG Accuracy = 47

Punt Power = 50

Punt Accuracy = 48

Kickoff Power = 49


Offside = 50 (In CFM = 53)

False Start = 50 (In CFM = 53)

Offensive Holding = 55 (In CFM = 51)

Defensive Holding = 80 (In CFM = 81)

Facemask = 70 (In CFM = 69)

Illegal Block In The Back = 75 (In CFM = 73)

Roughing The Passer = 50 (In CFM = 51)

Defensive Pass Interference = 75 (In CFM = 77)

So enjoy the sliders and always come back and check for updates to them on this post. I will also post all updates on Twitter, IG and Facebook along with a soon to be completed YouTube video. Post any feedback here or you can reach me at @ImTheRegularGuy on Twitter. ✌🏾


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