#Madden19 Slider Set Post Patch 1.12 Update (Last Updated 11/4/18)

UPDATE: 11/4/18 – Updates made to improve coverage and reaction times for both the player & CPU side of things. Specials Teams was slightly adjusted to created a bit more difficulty when kicking FGs etc. Also tweaks to the injury, fatigue & speed parity sliders for improved performance.

UPDATE: 10/28/18 – Pass coverage & Interceptions needed to be tweaked a bit for the CPU. Coverage was adjusted along with the Speed Parity being increased to 67 to create tighter windows of coverage. Interceptions was tuned down as there was a ton of them during my testing, it’s been leveled off to a more realistic representation now. CPU Pass Blocking was also lowered a bit.

This is my most recent slider update after the 1.12 patch was released which had numerous changes with the biggest being with the Speed Parity Scale. The new video with my explanation and some gameplay will be below. As always come back for updates as whenever I make them I will come here and on my YouTube channel to share them with you all. Thanks for the continued support and patience especially with this one as I know some have been waiting for almost 2 weeks, but I had to make sure to get them right for you…enjoy.

The slider set can be found on PSN under NeoThaOne titled ALLPROSLIDERSPLAYER and ALLPROSLIDERSCPU and for Xbox One or PC users, you can get the slider information below to input into your game settings.

NOTE: For the best results, the game options & player sliders (Injuries, Fatigue, Player Speed Parity) need to be input how I have it below. You can tweak the sliders a bit here and there but the speed parity, fatigues etc does affect the overall effectiveness of the sliders and has been balanced to work in unison.

Game Options

Skill Level = All-Pro

Game Style = Simulation

Quarter Length = 10 Minutes

Accelerated Clock = On (set to 25 seconds)

Game Speed = Normal or Fast

Injuries = 25

Fatigue = 70

Player Speed Parity Scale = 69


Offside = 50 (In CFM = 51)

False Start = 50 (In CFM = 52)

Offensive Holding = 50 (In CFM = 52)

Defensive Holding = 80 (In CFM = 80)

Facemask = 50 (In CFM = 51)

Illegal Block In The Back = 50 (In CFM = 49)

Roughing The Passer = 50 (In CFM = 50)

Defensive Pass Interference = 70 (In CFM = 70)

Player Skill

QB Accuracy = 43

Pass Blocking = 40

WR Catching = 52

Run Blocking = 56

Fumbles = 51

Reaction Time = 48

Interceptions = 60

Pass Coverage = 51

Tackling = 41

CPU Skill

QB Accuracy = 63

Pass Blocking = 45

WR Catching = 52

Run Blocking = 77

Fumbles = 52

Reaction Time = 59

Interceptions = 72

Pass Coverage = 63

Tackling = 42

Special Teams (Player & CPU)

FG Power = 51

FG Accuracy = 46

Punt Power = 48

Punt Accuracy = 47

Kickoff Power = 52

I do these with all of us in mind, to help with our Madden gaming experiences. We all have different eyes, points of view etc so everything here may not be for you or fit your style of play but you might spot something that you can take and apply to your own settings to further aid in your gaming experience. Props to all those that inspired me and provided great sliders and direction from guys on Operation Sports to even just random ones I’ve downloaded because I like to see other’s perspectives to help get my sliders correct. So enjoy the sliders and always come back and check for updates here. I will also post all updates on Twitter, IG and Facebook. Post any feedback here or you can reach me at @ImTheRegularGuy on Twitter. ✌🏾


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