Neo’s Old School Joint Of The Day – “Get Up Everybody (Get Up)” by Salt N Pepa

Figured I would get back to doing my old school joints again and today I am going with this classic joint from Salt N Pepa. This beat was so ill, best song from them to me.


Old School Joint Of The Day: “Sensitivity” by Ralph Tresvant

This was a good one that came about after a conversation on Twitter with 2 of my homies (@Oclark38 & @SamuriApocalysp) about New Edition and their countless hits. This is from when Ralph went solo and killed everything with this song. It’s so crazy how much success they had together and individually, New Edition was great.

Old School Joint Of The Day: “Minds Playing Tricks On Me” by The Geto Boys

Had to go south for this one and pull the great Geto Boys out. As a kid “this year Halloween fell on a weekend, me and Geto Boys went trick or treating, robbing little kids for bags” always had me shook when I was out trick or treating, I didn’t want to get duffed out for my candy, but this song was and still is so dope as hell.

Old School Joint Of The Day: “Again” by Janet Jackson

For today’s choice I decided to slow it down a bit with a dope joint by Janet Jackson. “Again” was such a dope song, very mellow and simple even down to the video but it was a powerful track and one that I have always enjoyed. Gotta shout my wife out for this selection of the day.

Old School Joint Of The Day: “Throw Ya Gunz” by Onyx

Okay so I am going to try to post an old school joint everyday, the selections will range from hip hop to R&B, might even see some Jazz or something in there. First one will be for one of the dopest group from back in the day, Onyx. They brought so much energy to the game and me and my boy Taji used to sit around in the crib and recite that “Bacdafucup” album word for word…enjoy