New Year, Same #NBA2K17 My Career Issues

*A few updates were made to the blog post patch (1.03)*

Is NBA2K17 a step up in a lot of ways, yes it is, but my assumption is that not many of those ways are directly related to the My Career mode which still suffers from many of the same issues that it has had along with many others. Below I will address a few of the things that I have seen and noticed while playing 2K17. I have to say though, I still do not believe anyone tests this mode out prior to releasing it to the public because I just can’t see how these things can happen and I can notice them within a matter of days or even hours and no one at the company does.

  • After certain cutscenes which you talk, like the ones prior to the start of the 2nd quarter, it pans back to show your player on the court and your mouth is doing this weird fast movement, it’s actually very disturbing to be honest.
  • In order to change your jumpshot animation you must select it in the mode but then exit it and go back into it for it to take affect, this is STUPID!!!
  • The broadcast team is ALWAYS the same and I seriously have no idea how no one noticed this. The broadcast team never changes from Kevin Harlan, Greg Anthony and Steve Smith. They touted this whole multiple broadcasters stuff but it means nothing to My Career, I pray that they repair this viz patch or something. *UPDATE: It seems like this has been fixed with the patch because the first game I played post patch had Chris Webber commentating not the usual Steve Smith*
  • If the CPU is even just a LITTLE open, go ahead and run back down court because the shot is going in, now your players/teammates, this is NOT the case.
  • Be prepared for your big time players to be outplayed by WHOMEVER is out there on the opposing team in their positions. Marc Gasol gets destroyed every game, EVERY game.
  • The help defense is Garbage, possibly the worst I have ever seen with a 2K game. The rotations are non-existent, the logic with decision making of your players is horrendously bad and it costs you so many defensive stops. I have never seen anything like it and it makes no sense that all these guys that tall about making the game realistic, adding this and that can’t get something as basic as help defense to work properly in regards to My Career mode.
  • Substitution patterns are still weird and in many cases just dumb so that whole thing with the coaching adapting is nonsense from what I can see. If the CPU has a hot player your coach will make ZERO adjustments to defend the guy, ZERO.
  • In the 4th quarter there will hardly be ANY substitutions and fatigue still doesn’t matter much in that regard so again, more fluff they tried to sell us that isn’t accurate when you play. Now keep in mind those things may be truthful in other modes but none of it is in My Career and that’s all I am speaking of right now.
  • Haircuts for your player…….yeah maybe we should just go to the next item because this is still some trash. I seriously have no idea who approves things like this because I’d like to know WHO they know that has hairlines like those that are in the game. Shape ups are absolutely disgusting, just bad and it has been for many years now. It would be nice if we could get shape ups and cuts like your homie from early int he game (pictured below).


  • Generic shoes need to NEVER be a part of this game, EVER!!! You have never seen a guy in the league wearing Limited Edition 2K Sports 11’s, FOH 2K.
  • At times you will be standing there getting ready to guard your man and another one of the CPU players will run RIGHT INTO YOU and drive you all the way back and they will pass your man the rock for an open shot, this will infuriate you, trust me…happens a lot too.
  • The feels of the game is smoother but it still feels wild sticky, like the game is stuttering when you are moving around and that’s because it still have this “someone else is trying to move me places I don’t want to go” feel to it. I have never understood why they just don’t let you as the player decide where you want to be on the floor without the pulling and tugging, it’s like you are fighting against Skynet.
  • Lot of suction animations or you sticking to people as you run around.
  • When you make a steal or in a position to start a fast break the game does this weird thing where it kind of turns your guys around instead of letting him go the proper direction. Also in regards to fast breaks people still catch you, you still have that slow up moment instead of allowing you to sprint out and begin the break. You will be cut off and halted by defenders no matter HOW much faster you may be than them and it’s aggravating because this has been the case for years.
  • Don’t throw too many passes because the CPU will intercept them RELIGIOUSLY!!! And I do mean religiously, they are going to have sooooooooooooo many steals, won’t always be you making the passes either, your teammates will throw the worst passes and the CPU players will miraculously ALWAYS be in the right position. *UPDATE: most of the steals were a result of lazy slow lob passes regardless of the situation but this seems to have been tweaked some with the recent patch*
  • Prior to the recent patch that was released, 1.03 I believe, damn near every CPU defender was amazing, I mean on some Bruce Bowen, Jordan, The Glove type amazing but it seems that the patch fixed that. Now while Avery Bradley played me well, to be expected because he’s a good defender, I abused some other dudes they put on me and it felt right because they were weaker defenders. Good job on this 2K.
  • There are a lot of strange things that happen like in these 2 pictures below where in one the reporters interviewing Justice are our teammates and in the other Denver has become…..ME
  • And lastly, Michael B. Jordan has blue eyes………….yeah.

So that’s a few of the things that I have noticed while playing the game, I am sure there is more but I can’t think of everything right now. Is the game playable, very much so, more so than it used to be, yeah, but it still needs a lot of work and again I don’t know how they don’t realize a lot of these issues prior to releasing the game to us. For the life of me I still don’t understand why sliders are not able to be used or have any affect on My Career mode, because if you could use sliders a LOT of these issues could be minimized or even removed from your gaming experience, but nope….not an option. 


My 1st Game Of #Madden17 (Things I Liked)

Haven’t put up any vids in awhile on my YouTube channel since I deleted my old one (speaking of which, subscribe to my new one here), but I am going to try to get back into the groove and what better way than with some footage from the 1st game I played on Madden 17 since getting it last night and so far so good. Some of these things i’m sure have already been in the game as early as last year but it is good to see things executed in the manner that they are shown. Aaron Donald was wrecking my O-Line but you know he kind of does that in real life and it’s that disruption that caused a few of these plays to go the way they did, good, bad or indifferent.

The zone play was really the one that caught my attention the most though because in the past that may have played out different and because of the pressure that Aaron Donald put me under in the 1st play shown which was very early in the game it forced me to take my eyes off the coverage and look at the line, JUST in case he got past Warmack again and that my friends is a very realistic thing for QBs. Through my 1st few runs of gameplay of it I haven’t seen anything that has really bothered me or even made me say “oh here we go again” and that’s a great thing, it means they’ve been listening. I also don’t look at these games the same as others that may nitpick any and everything (like the way my guy’s arm kind of morphed when I was guarding Gurley on that route as you will see), but I do watch for the little things, those little things that make a difference in every game. I am a stickler for details and all the stuff that stats DON’T pick up and thus far they have done a good job of reflecting many of those things. More vids will come the more I play…….1

Madden…’s OUR THING


Okay so I know it’s been awhile since I have even bothered to write anything, post, etc so much so that I closed my site and just went back to my basic blog format as it’s easier and will give me the forum I need to express myself in ways that Twitter and Facebook either won’t allow or I don’t care to. So I figured I would kick this one off with a little opening up about something that I didn’t even realize was bothering me the way it was until recently so here goes.

So a week ago I had a dream about my Uncle Jeff that passed away a few years back from pancreatic cancer and in my dream my uncle and I were playing Madden just like we have always done and he said something to me that stayed on my mind well after I awoke. My uncle told me “Hey man, this is our shit, Madden is ours and I know you haven’t felt the same about playing it since I passed but you gotta do it because of that same fact, because IT’S OUR THING”. In that moment I began to think about the last few years of Madden and how they have continued to improve but I have continued to try to engulf myself into 2K as my sports muse to help me over the pain of losing my uncle.

Madden was OUR THING, I mean the very last time that I saw him, the last time that I got to spend time with him while he was alive, we played a game of Madden and I truly believe that he knew it would be our last game. I guess a part of me didn’t want to play with anyone else, a part of me didn’t want to embrace the competition aspect of it with someone else because my Uncle Jeff was my greatest competition and the one I loved to play because he brought the best out of me each time. I always wanted him to be proud of me when I played him or someone else since he introduced me to the game and taught me how to play. He taught me about Madden and football in general (somewhat through Madden), how to play it, to understand it, to read plays, to decipher information quickly so I could react properly and I guess when he passed I lost my full on desire to compete. I tried on many occasions even joined a league with a few good friends but I just couldn’t stay motivated so when things came up like one of my brothers really wanting the game but not having the ends to cop so I sent him mine or trading it in because 2K was coming out & I needed the trade in money because well I ain’t rich, I would just let them come up. Didn’t put up much of a fight to continue playing although I thoroughly enjoyed the last few iterations of Madden and the people I was in the league with (shoutout to my Sim Standard brothers).

I can’t properly put into words what my uncle meant to me but just know that in his death a part of me died as well, a big part because he was my role model, my example, my teacher. More importantly than that he was my friend and Madden was the thing that bonded us. If we had family get togethers everyone would say “Where are Jeff & D?”….”Oh they are probably playing Madden in the basement” and please believe that that’s exactly where we were. So it has been tough for me to try to embrace the last few years of it properly but after that dream that is going to change. I lost my fiercest competitor but in my dream I know what my Uncle Jeff was trying to tell me, he was telling me that I have to find some new ones and enjoy the game that we loved, that we talked about all year long, that we played so many hours for many weekends back in the 90’s and 2000’s. We used to pick teams out of a hat and that’s how we would build our matchups because this way we could use teams other than our own (Raiders and Titans) and as my uncle used to say “really get our skills up by learning new teams and sometimes playing lopsided games based on ratings”. We used to talk and chop it up about life while playing, SOMETIMES because I don’t like to talk much when I play, I lock in and focus and he used to hate that because he couldn’t get under my skin, but it was that stuff that I miss the most.

So for Madden 17 it’s time to truly get back in my bag and get back to what I do, time to take off work for 3 days and play it all week again after I pick it up on release day, time to pull my personal 2 week Training Camp back out in which I don’t play anyone for the first 2 weeks after release so I can practice and run plays etc to learn all the new nuances of the game and get acclimated, and more than anything get back to being what my uncle used to call me…”the best Madden player I know”. So Jeff thanks for popping up in my dream and while some may just look at this as some dream about video games to me it was much more than that, it was my hero telling me it’s time to get back on the field, time to take the pain of losing him and use Madden which was OUR THING as my therapy. I used to get so much joy when my Uncle would tell people “yeah you might be nice but my nephew is one of the if not THE best” and I was always looking over my shoulder for his approval when I played others because I wanted him to be proud of his student. Like this one time when I was playing someone and they did a nice play Jeff says “trust me man, don’t so that bullshit again, he is going to have it covered” then he did it again and I picked it off and ran it back for a TD, Jeff’s response….”I told your dumb ass not to do it again, he picks up on things quickly and won’t fall for the okey doke more than once”. So all in all i’m just going to say this, I hope yall are ready because……..I’M BACK, with my angel/hero/teacher watching me play!!!!!!

Me, Traci, Jade, & Jeff-1-1

Thanks Jeff, I miss and love you…RIP